Apples and Oranges

In a post titled “Apples to Apples“, I proposed an easy way to compare the costs of leases of identical duration… for each offer being compared, simply total up the drive-off and all the payments over the lease term. Just like in golf, the lowest total wins.

But what if you’re mulling over whether to lease or buy a particular vehicle, with the end goal of owning it free and clear?

With electric vehicles, the decision is sometimes a bit complicated. Sometimes choosing a lease over a purchase with the intent to own isn’t only about minimizing up-front cost, lowering monthly payments, and enjoying the convenience of haggle-free disposal at termination if you change your mind about keeping it. Total cost might be a major factor, because the cost comparison is muddied by the federal tax incentive for EVs. Top that with the fact that some manufacturers offer different rebates on the same vehicle that hinge on whether you buy or lease, and the least expensive path to ownership becomes even less clear.

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